1. Group Contribution Mode

    1. Introduction to SPARKPLUS

    2. Understanding SPARKPLUS Factors

      Three videos explaining the factors generated in the SPARKPLUS Group Contribution Mode

      1. Understanding SPARKPLUS Factors - Part 1 Typical Team

      2. Understanding SPARKPLUS Factors - Part 2 Free Riders and Saboteurs

      3. Understanding SPARKPLUS Factors - Part 3 Non-Contributors

    3. Setting Up a Subject

      Setting up a subject and task and uploading students

    4. Managing Objections to RPF

      Setting Up a Task To Manage Objections to RPF

    5. What is Forced Norm?

      Learn about the forced norm option

    6. Monitoring Tool

      Five videos explaining the Monitoring Tool in the SPARKPLUS Group Contribution Mode

      1. Monitoring Teams

      2. Identify Students Performance Level and Early Intervention

      3. Detecting, Moderating and Intervention Exclusions

      4. Potential Non-Contributors

      5. Group Filters and Other Functionality

    7. Managing Errors in Team Membership

  2. Multiple Choice Question Modes

    Three videos outlining the powerful Multiple Choice modes in SPARKPLUS

    1. Multi-Choice Multi-Attempt Individual

    2. Multi-Choice Multi-Attempt Collaborative

    3. Multi-Choice Eliminate Incorrect Answers

  3. Tutor Benchmarking (grading and feedback)